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     Come take an emotionally satisfying journey with me to share with your family and friends.

     Let me work with you one-on-one in a relaxed, enjoyable series of conversations to record the events and reflections that have shaped your life or the life of a family member. Together, we will turn your story into a beautiful book, written in your own voice and illustrated with the photos you love. 

     Do you have a large collection of photo albums?  Gather all those lovely photos and let's turn them into a lovely book that will last for generations.

       Have a Special event?  Why should your friends print their own photos and photo album when they can purchase your book online?   Gather everyone's photos into one cherished memento that will last a lifetime.


Each endeavor is as unique as the story it tells. Prices vary depending upon the project size and scope, and the form that the end product takes. Please contact me and we will design a project that fits your individual needs and budget.


  • Oral History interviewing and transcribing.
  • Development of biographies and tribute books.
  • Ghost writing for autobiographies and memoirs.
  • Digital Photography of old photos and correcting flaws in old photos as much as possible
  • Photo Books from your photos - weddings, birthday parties, family events, ceremonies
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